Friday, February 24, 2017


With a cloak as black as pitch and her hood drawn, she would be indistinguishable from the night, but for the lantern she bears. As she comes closer light spills into the room and everything illuminated becomes filled with dread, but finally, within the lantern's glow, you can see her face, like a shadow outlined with charcoal and eye sockets like windows to the night sky.
Melinoe make no sound. They glide upon the ground, without any apparent stride, upright like aristocrats, with a cloak hiding any evidence of feet. No one knows what they are and where they come from. Experts in the realms beyond, specifically the Shadow Realm, have throughout history come upon mention of these creatures. The old theory was that melinoe are demons, however, the studies of Bartholomew Gray (once the head curator of the Free City Library) revealed that these creatures are not native to the Shadow Realm. In fact, they appear to be creatures from the Aether. For the whole year of 1530 this theory rocked the wizard community of the Free City but since has held true. Melinoe are the only known creatures of the Aether to come to the Shadow Realm (which was previously thought to be impossible). Now the leading theory is that they come to the Shadow Realm to hunt or harvest lost souls. But still, these are only theories. Not much else is known of melinoe as Bartholomew himself proved that coming within their lantern light is extremely dangerous.  
Aura of Madness (M): When within the light of a melinoe’s torch (50-ft. radius), creatures are immediately driven insane. Creatures must make a resistance check or become confused (DC 15).
Snatch Soul (M): A melinoe’s touch drains the target of 1d8 Power. If it drains the target of all its Power, the target becomes comatose and can only be healed with a spell that repairs the mind.
True Seeing (M): A melinoe is able to see anything within the light of its torch (50-ft. radius) as if affected by the True Seeing spell

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