Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I've been meaning to sketch out a map for the Dark Crown adventure at the end of The Northern Realm Campaign book, so I finally sat down and did it. Now I just need to write chapter 2...

Westhaven: Westhaven falls under the jurisdiction of the Earl of Stoddard. The village runs along a single road called the Hunter’s Road, ending at a marina on the southern tip of Blackburn Lake. The citizens of Westhaven are normal townsfolk fallen on hard times when its mines dried up. Since then much of the populace has departed, leaving the town only two-thirds the size it once was and filled with abandoned houses. Few go to Westhaven, as there is little reason to travel there. Recently, terrifying rumors of murdered townsfolk have made their way down to the King’s Road. Some believe that these grisly murders are part of a growing practice of human sacrifice. And though the more levelheaded know this is most likely an exaggeration, few dare to travel up the Hunter’s Road to Westhaven to find out.

Stone plaques are scattered throughout the town on the oldest structures and the foundations of new structures. These plaques bear the mark of a shield with the crest of a rose. This same crest appears in old surveys found in the Free City Library, demarking the area of Westhaven as a territory once called Meren.


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