Thursday, September 21, 2017


Arthur Rackham
Awe inspiring, these tall women bear stern expressions hidden beneath helms of brilliant silver. They have many names, Darra or spear bearers, Rooin the red women, and Veurr, which means protectors. Their presence is unsettling. To meet a vakyrja’s gaze is to lay your mortal doubts before her and have them judged wanting.
Valkyrja are the shield maidens of Alfhildr, goddess of war. Women in ornate armor bearing arms and standing beside the throne of Alfhildr is a favorite scene in Vann artwork. Other popular scenes include valkyrja wearing only a helmet while holding a spear and shield, sometimes walking beside white stags, ghostly images of women riding on the wind, and naked spirits fighting alongside men and women in battle.  
These mighty spirits are said to escort the fallen souls of warriors onto the great ship Orn, which gives passage to Vigjaholl, the halls of waiting. In truth, they are slaves to Alfhildr or at least to her current incarnation. It’s not remembered whether Alfhildr was the first of her name or if she simply took up the mantle after she stabbed the last Alfhildr through the heart. It’s only known that the blood remains, uncongealed, spread across the floor surrounding the throne. This crimson pool leaves no mark on those that pass through it. It serves as a grave reminder and perhaps also a trophy to laud over her slaves.
From her seat in the great hall, this tall and terrible goddess wears the gilded teeth of her predecessor around her neck and commands her slaves to serve the lowly warrior spirits of man like the dishonored wretches they are– until she is slain as well and another amongst the Valkyrja takes up her mantle.
Invincible: A valkyrja can only be killed with a thrust through the heart. Once a vakyrja’s Power drops below half its total, she can no longer lose Power through damage. At this point only a critical hit can slay her.
True Sight (M): Valkyrja are able to see creatures and things as if affected by the True Sight spell.
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