Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kilagh the Alchemist

Alchemists are talented magicians, some innately gifted, others studious tinkerers, devious mad scientists, and engineers of magic. They pore over old tomes and experiment in labs, creating and destroying, all the while developing an affinity to sorcery. It is said that an alchemist’s relationship with his craft transcends mere spellcraft, as the spells he casts affect him as much as they do the material world.
Most alchemists come from the Free City. Within the city, many are members of the growing Artificer movement, where they have grown in power and influence over the last century. As the Artificer movement has grown, it has challenged the establishment and the Optimit led oligarchy that rules it. The Artificers are tremendously popular with the lower class as they represent an opposition to the Optimits. However, the Artificers do not, in reality, aspire to overthrow the Optimit dominated government, neither do they represent the interests of the lower class.
Nevertheless, in the face of growing intimidation from the Optimits, some alchemists have moved into the rural areas of the Free Realm. In the countryside, an alchemist has open space and privacy. There he is free to experiment away from the watchful eyes of the Optimits. Travelers may find the strangest alchemist creations in the fiefs around the Free City. Further south there is also a growing movement in the city of Crocáno. As more alchemists migrate to Crocáno they encourage the like-minded to break from the traditional schools of magic and establish an Alchemical Guild separate from the preeminent Magicians Guild.


Two bodies lay misshapen at the entrance, another slumped against the far wall, bloodied and dead. The knell of steel on steel and the heat of fire was overwhelming. Two more heavily armored kinsmen bounded into the hall. Behind them, iron thudded on stone, growing louder and nearer. “Stand clear of the door!” Kilagh summoned the familiar energies, first sending a warmth throughout his core that spread to his fingers, and burst into a ball of fire that exploded out the entryway.

Two companions stood angular to the egress, maintaining a clear path for Kilagh’s magic. “How many have made it through?” Kilagh shouted the question at the warriors in front of him.

“They’ve broken the gate; the forward guard is slaughtered. There was fighting in the grand hall, but it was a retreat.” Answered one of the warriors.

“So we are cut off,” replied Kilagh. He could hear more heavy steps outside. Kilagh summoned the energy again and blasted another whirling sphere of flame into the passageway. As it flew past the entry, shining metal revealed three figures rounding the corner and caught the ball of fire on their shields. In an instant, they were through the door and assailing the defenders. The warriors held the three attackers from Kilagh, but were quickly
becoming overwhelmed. Four more entered behind them. In desperation Kilagh summoned energy from deep within, he could feel it burning his body inside and out. It traveled from his heart, to his limbs, joints, hands, and finally to his fingers where it erupted out as three beams of light, striking the first three assailants in the chest. Their armor instantly melted onto their bodies and burned their beards. All three collapsed charred, dying in agony.

The four others spent a moment in surprise before charging at Kilagh through the defenders. Once again he conjured the fire, like an inferno the light ripped through three more bodies, dropping them immediately. His soul felt on fire, his eyes were mad with rage and power. Walking to the passage with his hands upraised, the warriors behind him dispatched the remaining Maetrian and followed Kilagh. “We will burn them, my brothers! They will come and they will burn.”
Kilagh is a dunaelf. He is the spellmaster of Bridlic, a border fortress in the north. Bridlic has come under siege many times in the past seven years. In East Naerod, war is constant. Kilagh must aid his people in protecting the northern border from Maetra, but the invaders seem to have the upper hand.

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